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Ever Heard Noises in Your Attic?
Most people don't think about animals in their house until they are faced with the problem. If you have ever heard a scratching or thumping sound in your attic or walls then you already have unwanted guests. Absolute Wildlife Solutions is who you want to call if you have, had or don't ever want nuisance wildlife in your house. We can get them out and keep them out.
Nuisance Wildlife
When your talking about nuisance wildlife there is a wide variety of animals to choose from. Here in Florida the most common home intruders are rats. Only needing a quarter size hole these sneaky little creatures can go undetected for years, while also producing a large amount of damage. Once in your attic they can chew on wiring, plumbing, a/c ducts, etc. They can also contaminate your insulation and cost thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business. Although rats are the most common there are a multitude of other critters that we have to worry about. Mice, squirrels, flying squirrels, bats, snakes, opossum, raccoons and armadillos are also some of the common animals that are a nuisance for your home or property here in Florida. AWS specializes in removing these critters and animal proofing your home or business.
Rats in your Attic?
Raccoons in your attic?
Opussums in your attic?
Squirrels in yor attic?
Exclusion Services
Trapping or Removal
Odor Removal
AWS uses tried and tested techniques to animal proof your Home or Business. For a common critter like the rat, a quarter size hole is all they need. Call AWS today to get your Home or Business inspected.       
Do you hear noises in your attic or crawlspace? If you do then you already have some unwanted guests. AWS can trap and remove these pesky critters and protect your Home or Business.
Once AWS has removed the animals we can treat your attic and remove the scent markings. Removing these attractants is crucial to the future protection of your Home or Business from these nuisance critters.
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Absolute Wildlife Solutions is a family owned and operated company located in Ocala, FL. We specialize in nuisance wildlife removal and prevention from Homes and Businesses. We take pride in our work and will not stop until your home or business is secure. You can count on us to be honest, punctual and thorough.